Great Things You Can Do in Labuan Bajo? Check This out!

Posted on03 / 04 / 2024

Being one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia, Labuan Bajo offers many tourist spots to be enjoyed. Various things you can do in Labuan Bajo whenever you decide to have a vacation there. What are they and where can you do the most fun activities? These are the list.

7 Most Interesting Tourist Activities in Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is one of the cities in NTT province Indonesia which recently has lead tourist destination over the world. Thousands of posts on social media continually expose the beauty in the city.

For those who have never listed in Labuan Bajo, you must be aware about what there is to do in this small city. Why does this place make people curious and want to explore all the tourist attractions?

The following list are several tourist activities you can do in Labuan Bajo.

  1. Enjoy a Short Trip on Padar Island

One of the exciting and challenging activities in Labuan Bajo is trekking on Padar Island. The appearance of this island is very beautiful and iconic. Padar Island is one of the mainstay places that you must visit.

The best time to do trekking is in the morning or evening because this is a time when the most beautiful natural views are displayed. The sun shines warmly, besides the sunset and sunrise are so beautiful. There are lots of instagrammable photo spots you can easily get here.

In the distance, you can enjoy the view of phinisi passing by. Rows of hills and savannas spread out green like a carpet. This journey, which may take half to an hour, will drain your energy quite a lot. However, everything will be worth it to see the beauty of the panorama.

  1. Take a Walk on the Pink Beach

The most incredible thing about Labuan Bajo is the pink beach. In other places, the beach sand is just black or white, but not on this beach. Pink Beach or Red Beach is one of the most unique beaches in the world.

Pink beach is formed from fragments of microscopic animals called Foraminifera. This animal causes a red color on the coral which will later be crushed into fragments and carried by the waves to the beach. The flakes mix with white sand to produce a charming pink color.

The appearance of this pink color is rare, in fact there are only 7 beaches in the world that have pink beach sand. Therefore, it is very appropriate if you spend your vacation time on this unique beach. This holiday will be an unforgettable experience ever.

  1. Sunbathing on the Phinisi Boat

Once in a while you have to experience a luxury holiday on a phinisi boat. While exploring Labuan Bajo is the best time. You must try this activity as much as you can. This experience is precious.

Sunbathing on a phinisi boat in a luxury of ship’s cabin is not an ordinary holiday. Even though it can be said to be an expensive holiday, this way will be a moment that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Many phinisi boats are rented to accompany your time in Labuan Bajo. You can manage expense according to the budget. If you want to save money, you can go with partner, such as friends or family. So that, the excitement of the holiday can be felt more.

  1. Exploring Exotic Caves

Unlike ordinary caves in general, the caves in Labuan Bajo are famous for their uniqueness and exoticism. One of the most unique is Batu Cermin Cave. This cave has its own characteristics that make people amazed and stunned.

Batu Cermin Cave is about 19 hectares with a height of 75 meters. On the roof of the cave, there are gaps where sunlight penetrates and emits light. These rays then reflect on the cave walls and give the impression of forming a mirror.

The sunlight, forms a mirror on the cave walls, can occur because the salt content of the cave walls is quite high. It is said that this cave was once under the sea. It’s no wonder why the salt content is so high.

  1. Bathing in a Waterfall Like Heaven

Waterfalls are one of the natural tourist spots you can find in almost all regions of Indonesia. However, the waterfall in Labuan Bajo has an exoticism that cannot be found anywhere else. One of them is the Cunca Wulang waterfall.

Cunca Wulang will remind you of one of the world’s tourist spots, the Grand Canyon. Why? Cunca Wulang has a crystal clear waterfall with turquoise colored pool water. This green color is not easy to find anywhere in the world.

Apart from the exotic pool water, the view around the Cunca Wulang waterfall is amazing. Surrounded by rows of natural cliffs, this tourist spot is unforgettable. Its magical beauty seems to invite tourists to come back every time they have vacation in Labuan Bajo.

  1. See Ancient Animals Last Live on Earth

You definitely shouldn’t miss this activity when you visit Labuan Bajo because this is the only holiday activity in the world. Namely, looking at the last ancient animal that lived in the world, the Komodo animal.

It won’t be complete if you visit Labuan Bajo without enjoying the Komodo sightings. This ancient animal is one of the protected animals because its population is decreasing. There are not many Komodo dragons alive today, which is why tourists are not complete without seeing the Komodo dragon’s habitat.

Komodo dragons are very dangerous animals because their saliva contains deadly poison. For those of you who want to see it, just do it from a safe distance, approximately 3 to 5 meters. Komodo dragons are big enough to enjoy from that distance.

  1. Enjoy the Traditional Village with its Typical Food

Labuan Bajo is a region with unique food and traditions in Indonesia. Here, you can still find several traditional houses where the local residents still uphold their customs and culture.

One of the interesting places you can visit is Wae Rebo. This village is extraordinary. Located in the middle of the lowlands and surrounded by rolling hills, Wae Rebo is one of the most favorite tourist spots.

Here you can enjoy how the local people live and try to mingle with them. Experience sleeping close to nature and unique, appetizing foods. Wae Rebo offers so many unforgettable experiences.

Not all tourist attractions in Indonesia can provide a variety of entertainment in one location like that offered by Labuan Bajo. This place is so special that many tourists call it the second Bali. Now, prepare yourself for a holiday in this extraordinary place.

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