6 Things to Prepare for a Phinisi Liveaboard Holiday in Labuan Bajo!

Posted on18 / 03 / 2024

This is a holiday guide when you go on a phinisi to Labuan Bajo. Labuan Bajo is indeed a small city in East Nusa Tenggara Province with extraordinary beauty. Located at the westernmost tip of Flores Island, this city become world famous nowadays. From hills to coastal areas, the city is surrounded by panoramas that are very interesting to explore.

Tips for Vacationing on a Phinisi Boat in Labuan Bajo

To hear words “holiday on a phinisi” is quite curious. However, many people will feel anxious because this activity tends to be worrying. Why? because they have to spend time on a ship and sailing on a wide ocean.

Reflecting on several unpleasant incidents related to holidays using phinisi boats, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself by paying attention to the following things.

  1. Check on the season and weather before deciding to rent a Phinisi boat

Holidays on the Phinisi cannot be done at any time. Because this is closely related to the sea conditions when you are going to sail it. Make sure you check the weather conditions first or choose the right season.

Weather on the seas cannot be predicted accurately. Even, the weather forecast can change quickly without any signs. It’s best to choose a holiday in the summer, so you can enjoy your holiday on the seas more.

If you are less experienced in observing weather conditions, ask a travel agent or local community. Generally, local residents will advise whether you should sail or not. Make sure to always be alert and maintain personal safety.

  1. Choose a ship that is guaranteed and in excellent condition

Holidays on the Phinisi ship are not a common thing to do. Not everyone is interested to do it. However, for those who have already fallen in love with the sea of Labuan Bajo, make sure you don’t choose the wrong vehicle to sail with.

The ship you choose must have an official certificate. Make sure the vehicle have the certificates required by the Ministry of Tourism, such as cleanliness, safety, health certificates and environmental sustainability certificates.

Don’t be tempted by the low prices that phinisi owners might offer. You should also be suspicious if the ship you are traveling on carries more passengers than it should. Therefore, at least checking the completeness of the phinisi ship certificate is important.

  1. Wear simple but comfortable clothes

A pleasant holiday is one where you can still enjoy the atmosphere in peace and comfort. With sea winds that can be quite strong, wearing simple clothes is one way to make a Phinisi boat holiday easier and less complicated.

Not a few domestic tourists wear the wrong costumes while on holiday on a Phinisi boat. They wear heavy clothes or even layers. As a result, these clothes often cause problems for their owners.

Therefore, wear simple clothes. Simple but still comfortable. You can also wear clothes that are light and dry easily when exposed to waves. And don’t forget to bring fewer items so you don’t get busy with your luggage.

  1. Do Not Eat Too Much

For those who are never used to phinisi boats, the first experience may be unpleasant. Especially if you leave with a stomach full of food. Guaranteed you will easily get dizzy, nauseous and even vomit.

Also, avoid consuming foods that easily cause gas because they can trigger an increase in stomach acid. You will easily feel bloated, your stomach will become uncomfortable. It will definitely really disturb your holiday.

  1. Bring Personal Equipment for Swimming

If you want to dive or swim, make sure you bring your own suitable clothing. This aims to make you feel more comfortable when swimming or diving. As for diving equipment, you can get it by renting it from a local rental service.

  1. Have a Good Condition

Going on holiday on a phinisi boat is one of the holidays that requires high stamina and excellent body condition. If you feel unhealthy, don’t push yourself too hard. Land wind and sea breeze conditions are very different.

Sometimes, you also have to deal with unexpected weather changes. So, to reduce the risk of becoming uncomfortable during a sea voyage, the body must be primed and well maintained.

Recommendations and Choices of the Best Pinisi Boats in Labuan Bajo

A Komodo show makes the name Labuan Bajo even more popular. However, traveling here is not just about seeing Komodo. There are many things you can do. For lovers of sea travel, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea on a pinisi boat.

There are dozens of phinisi boats that you can choose to accompany your holiday. The following are some of the best recommended phinisi boats in Labuan Bajo:

  1. Lamima Yatch

Being one of the largest sailing ships, the Lamima Yatch stretches majestically for 65 meters. This ship has a unique and classic design because it combines the classic phinisi model with a contemporary design.

You can ride the Lamima Yatch comfortably and quite privately. This ship only carries 14 passengers and is served by 19 crew members. The cabin rooms are very exclusive because this ship is designed for the upper middle class.

  1. Tanaka Phinisi

The Tanaka phinisi ship is also a luxury sailing ship that will bring you the sensation of a high-class holiday. This ship was built in 2014 and only has space for 14 guests.

Tanaka Phinisi offers holiday services like a 5-star hotel. Starting from exclusive rooms with controlled AC, private bathrooms and all hotel room amenities. There are also indoor and outdoor dining areas as well as a sunbathing area ready to await your presence.

  1. Fenides Liveaboard

If you want to experience a holiday in a 5-star hotel floating on the ocean, Fenides Liveaboard is the right answer. This ship is designed to offer a classy holiday service with spacious rooms, delicious food and extraordinary experiences.

  1. Cordelia Phinisi

With a length of 33 meters and a width of 6.2 meters, Cordelia Phinisi is the next best recommendation. Even though the room is not very wide, the dining room will impress you.

  1. Samara Phinisi Liveaboard

For you who want to vacation with your family, Samara Phinisi is the right choice. With a ship length of 27 meters, this ship is designed to carry 12 guests. It’s quite ideal for a holiday with your husband/wife, children and siblings, right?

The design of the Samara ship is very modern, like a private house. With 5 cabins with private bathrooms, the Samara ship offers luxury and comfort for a holiday on the ocean.

Enjoying the beauty of the sea in Labuan Bajo is one of the tourist activities that many visitors do. Apart from being fun and enjoyable, a holiday with a phinisi is the perfect moment for those of you who want to truly enjoy a luxurious holiday.

The holiday guide on a phinisi boat to Labuan Bajo above is very useful for you to put into practice. Guaranteed the holiday will be more exciting and enjoyable! Enjoying the beauty of the sea and admiring the vastness of the ocean from a phinisi ship is the dream of all tourists visiting Labuan Bajo. Now, it’s your turn!

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