Can’t Wait to See! This is 10 Most Favorite Tourist Spots in Labuan Bajo

Posted on05 / 03 / 2024

Indonesia is one of a country with endless natural panoramas. From the east to west, this country feels to never stop to present beautiful and alluringly nature. One of them is Labuan Bajo. For those who need recommendation, here are 10 tourist spots in Labuan Bajo you have to visit as soon as possible.

10 Most Favorite Labuan Bajo Tourism Based on Most Tourist Choices

Labuan Bajo, which is located in Komodo District, West Manggarai, NTT, is one of Indonesia’s tourist spots whose name is increasingly resounding. The natural beauty and unique flora fauna attract many people to come here. Both, within and outside tourist of Indonesia.

Slightly different from the island of Bali which is quite busy, Labuan Bajo seems calmer. The view is also very amazing because still dominated by natural scenery. Either, It has not been touched by much development.

This time, we will discuss several tourist spots that are becoming  favorites in Labuan Bajo. You can use this list, next time you visit this island.

  1. Manta Point

Have you ever going diving while accompanied by sea dwellers? Manta Point is the right place for the lovers who want to experience excitement. It’s no longer a secret that the stingrays here are quite friendly and the underwater views are truly amazing.

Manta Point is a favorite place for domestic and foreign tourists who want to feel sensation of anti-mainstream diving. Stingrays which are known to be scary thing will accompany you to explore the underwater world as much as you like. Are you brave enough?

  1. Rangko Cave

What’s interesting about holidaying in a usual cave? Boringly, all you will find is the same view! But, this cave is different, Guys! Rangko Cave is not an ordinary cave. This special cave has a very beautiful view and is different from caves in general.

Rangko Cave is a quite unique because the piles of stalagmites and stalagmites are not too sharp. The series of rocks inside are blunt but don’t think it is easy to pass. For those who like exploring rivers or caves, this place is perfect.

Another unique thing about Goa Rangko is the blue flowing water. This color does not appear by itself. There is a gap which connects cave to the sea. Water inside cave is sea water which is flow through the cave gap. It affects the color of the water. Do you feel the unique?

  1. Bukit Cinta

Invite your crush and express your love here! Why? Because the romantic atmosphere that awakens in the afternoon on Bukit Cinta will support your efforts to express feelings. The beauty of the sunset combined with the natural scenery is truly pleasing to the eye.

Bukit Cinta is also known as Silvia Hill. This hill is semi-circular in shape with views of the expanse small islands and the open sea. This hill is one of the favorite tourist spots for tourists. Almost all tourists who come to Labuan Bajo definitely visit this place.

  1. Batu Cermin Cave

This is nother unique cave in Labuan Bajo that you must visit. The name is Batu Cermin Cave. This cave become unique because its unusual shape. At the top of this cave lies a hole which sunlight enters. Sunlight reaches the surface of water and reflects like a mirror.

Unfortunately, this cave is rather difficult to pass because quite narrow. Sometimes, you have to walk while bending over in order not to get punctured by stalactites. But even so, the tiredness of exploring the cave will pay off because of the beauty you enjoy.

  1. Wae Rebo

What is Wae Rebo? This is a traditional village belonging to local residents. Yes, most of Labuan Bajo’s people still maintain cultural values in their daily lives. These customs are still carried out by our ancestors until today.

Stay at Wae Rebo and experience how the people of Labuan Bajo live every day. The beautiful scenery surrounding you, clean air without pollution and silence that calms your mind will make you fresher and more enthusiastic.

This place is a favorite for who are bored with modern and noisy life. Here, you will find is a calm, simplicity place but still unpretentious. Live amidst mountains with greenery while building a connection with nature!

  1. Cunca Wulang Waterfall

It is different from waterfalls in general, but Cunca Wulang seems to have its own beauty. This waterfall has an unusual water color. If you usually see crystal clear waterfalls, then in Cunca Wulan you will see turquoise green water.

This  color reminds us of the world-famous Grand Canyon waterfall. Besides the unique colored water, Cunca Wulang is also beautified by the rows of natural cliffs that surround it. It is truly a very exotic natural view.

  1. Pink Beach

This is one of the most favorite places in Labuan Bajo and there’s a must for you to stop by here. The legendary Pink Beach, a beach with a very beautiful stretch of pink sand.

This color is made of red fragments of coral and marine life, mixed with white sand to form a sparkling pink color. Pink Beach is totally beautiful and definitely tourist spot you have to visit.

  1. Kelor Island

Kelor Island is a snorkeling lover’s paradise that will make you intoxicated. The beauty of underwater world on this island cannot be described in words. The diversity of marine life really pampers its visitors.

Apart from snorkeling, you can also go trekking or a short trip to land. The natural scenery on this island is no less beautiful. At night, you can rest while camping on the beach. It’s a complete package, right?

  1. Kelimutu Lake

Being a tourism icon in Labuan Bajo, Lake Kelimutu seems to bring its own beauty. This lake, lies firmly at the top of the Flores volcano, has a color that changes depending on the time of day.

This lake is shrouded in legends and folklore. Many still believe in the various stories happened there. This further adds to its privileges. However, this should not be a barrier for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Lake Kelimutu as long as they maintain and respect the beliefs of the local community.

  1. Komodo Island

Last place you must visit is one of the world heritage sites, left behind the only ancient animal, namely Komodo Island. It won’t be complete if you travel to Labuan Bajo without stopping by Komodo Island.

There are many things you can enjoy on this island. You can see Komodo dragons up close, but surely don’t touch them! Next, you can also enjoy expanses of green nature that you cannot find in urban areas.

So, those are 10 favorite tourist spots in Labuan Bajo already to await your arrival. All of these tourist places will provide an extraordinary, different holiday experience, especially for those of you who are bored and fed up with city life. Having a calm and enjoyable holiday? Labuan Bajo surely the answer!

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